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The Ws of Counselling


What is counselling? It is the process of meeting with a professional counsellor to get a better understanding of what we are experiencing in terms of emotions, relationships, behaviour and somatic responses/ physical symptoms. 

Why should we seek counselling? Each of us is different and we deal with our obstacles in different ways. Sometimes, no matter what we do, it seems that our loved ones are unable to understand us. We start doubting and feeling as if we are in the wrong or at fault and start questioning our own abilities.

When should we seek counselling?  When our inner voice constantly tells us something needs to be fixed. We keep trying to find a fix, but make no progress leaving us feeling even more frustrated and dejected. This is when we should take the first step and the toughest step, that is,

Who should seek Counselling? It could be anyone who needs help with gloominess, anxiety, stress and anger management, goal setting, confidence building, parenting guidance and solving childhood issues. Then again, it could also be someone who just needs to talk to a third person to make sense of things happening with no apparent symptoms per say.

If you are not sure, ask yourself this – Do I need help? If a small voice from inside says yes, you know what you need to do.

asking for help.

The house: Setting boundaries helps one to define how others behave around them. It helps a person to identify how far they are willing to let others into their space which then impacts on how they behave. Identifying boundaries (physical or emotional) is key for mental health and well being.

All or nothing: Many a times being stuck in extremities holds us back. Maybe, looking at the situation from a middle ground may help in changing the way you are viewing the situation.

Way of Counselling: Think of counselling as talking your worries away with someone who can help you understand your thoughts better and guide you to make sense of your emotions. More importantly, this will be your safe place where anything you say will remain confidential and a non-judgemental third person will act as your sounding board. 

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